Adding and editing products

Learn how to add and manage products via Paymash

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Add a produkt

Go to Products in the menu bar. In the upper right corner click on the blue plus sign and choose "Add product".

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  1. You need to write the title of your product or service. 

  2. The description of the product is optional. It is especially important for the online shop, so that your customers can better learn about the product. We also recommend to format the text nicely.

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3. You can add the following details for your product:

  • Selling price

  • Purchasing price

  • Strikethrough price (the old, higher price can be entered here). In this case the product is automatically set to "Sale".)

  • Barcode (here the barcode can be entered manually or using the scanner. During sale, you can scan the barcode and the product will be added to the shopping cart.)

  • Item number

  • VAT (you can select the a relevant VAT rate. If you want to create a new VAT rate, please go to Settings → Company → VAT.)

  • Reduced take-away tax rate

  • Unit of measurement

  • Manufacturer

  • Manufacturer number

4. Inventory. Here you can activate or deactivate the inventory management of your product. Read more: Managing the inventory

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5. Options. Here you can create options of the product and variants of an option. Learn more: Adding and editing products with options / variants
6. Add images or videos to the product.
7. Categories. Once the product is saved you can add it to one or more existing categories.
8. Kitchen printer - choose the kitchen printer where you want to print the product.
9. Under Characteristics you can set whether your product should be displayed in the POS and in the online shop, whether it should be marked as "New" in the online shop, and you can also activate the free pricing option if the product has no fixed price.

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Edit a product

Products → Select product.
Once you have clicked on a product, you will see the "Edit product" option in the top right corner. If you click on it, you will be able to edit the product and all its options.

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