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Learn from the following article how to create and edit a product with some variants. Each variant has its own

  • selling, purchasing and strikethrough price,

  • VAT rate,

  • barcode,

  • item No.,

  • manufacturer + manufacturer No.,

  • inventory management,

  • image.

Each product (i.e. all variants in common) has

  • title,

  • description,

  • images.

Creating variants

Add a new product, write its title and description. Then give it a price. If the variants of the product should have different prices, choose one prices for all at first. Once the variants are generated, you can adjust the price for each variant.

Adding variants to an existing product

If your product has no variants yet, click on "Edit product" and activate the checkbox "This product has several options".

Should your product already have some variants, and you add a new one to your assortment, you can click on "Add variant" in the product editing under the variant list. An example: The shirt has already been entered in the blue and green variants, now you would like to add the variant "Red".

Adding options to an already created product

In the same view you can change the product options or add new options. For example: The shirt was only available in one size and either blue or green. Now the shirt is available in two sizes: M and L. To do this click on "Change options".

Click on "Add option" and choose "Size". Write the first option in the text field on the right, e.g. "M".
Click on "Save" and the following variants will be generated:

To create the shirts in blue/L and green/L, click on "Add variant".

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