For each product, you can specify under "Edit product" whether you want to manage its inventory via Paymash or not.

Advantages of inventory management:

  • Sold products are automatically deducted from the inventory.

  • If the inventory of a product is zero or less, it can no longer be ordered in the online shop.

  • The inventory management is easy and transparent also for several stores.

  • You always keep track of your products.

The inventory management

Click on the product in your product management. If your product has variants, click on the variant the inventory of which you want to change. You can change the inventory in the grey bar that now appears.

  1. Choose a Store.

  2. Make an adjustment.

  3. Specify the purchasing price: by default, the purchasing price set for the product is displayed.

  4. Description (optional): if required, you can enter a comment (e.g. "Delivery from 14.03.2016, 14.50").

  5. "Save".

Good to know: What happens if the inventory of a product is 0 or less?

POS, online invoice or offer: the product can still be sold.

Online shop: The product is automatically displayed as unavailable and cannot be ordered.

We assume that products sold through the POS are physically delivered from the seller to the customer. The seller knows that the product is in stock but the inventory in Paymash, for example, has not yet been updated. In the online shop this is not the case, therefore the sale of products with the inventory 0 or less will not be possible.

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