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With Paymash you can issue a refund to a gift card instead of returning cash. You can do this as follows:

Step 1. Create a "free" gift card variant.

Important: The customer should already have a gift card on which the money can be loaded. If the customer does not have the gift card yet, you have to sell it first.

To activate a "free" gift card:

  • Go to Settings > Gift cards and use "Add a variant" to create a variant with a selling price of 0.01 cent.

  • Adjust the gift card characteristics and save everything.

Now you can sell free gift cards using your smartphone or tablet. Since the cash rounding is predetermined under Settings > Company, all invoices with free gift cards will cost 0.00.

The gift card code as well as a related QR-code will be printed out together with the receipt. In order not to lose the gift card, we recommend one of the two options described at "Sell vouchers".

Step 2. Cancel an invoice and credit refund to the gift card.

  • Select the customer's old invoice in the POS at Menu > Invoices > Paid invoices and tap on the "Cancel" button in the top right corner.

Important: The standard storage period of invoices on smartphones or tablets is 3 days. This means that older invoices can only be found on the computer in the Paymash admin area and can be canceled from there. Still, you can adjust the storage period of invoices to 7 or 14 days in the POS under Settings > General.

  • Provide the reason for the cancelation (1) and select "Gift card" under payment methods (2).

  • Enter the code manually (1) or scan the QR-code of the gift card via the embedded Paymash scanner using your device's camera (2).

  • Choose the items, which should be canceled, by tipping on the square buttons on the right, and confirm the cancelation.

Now the balance of the gift card is increased. You can see this on the computer under Sales > Gift cards.

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