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How can I sell vouchers

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Once you have activated the voucher function and your vouchers have been created, you can sell them via your smartphone or tablet. Add your voucher to the shopping cart and sell the voucher using the standard payment methods such as cash, card, Visa etc. The voucher will be printed out together with the receipt.

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In order not to lose it, we recommend one of the two options:

  • Option 1: Add a customer with an email address. Send your customer the invoice by email after payment. He will then receive the voucher and can redeem it on his smartphone.

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  • Option 2: Use your own vouchers, which you could give to the customer as a card. Each voucher has a number which is redeemed when the purchase is made. If you want to enter your own unique number on the card, you have to put the chosen voucher into the shopping cart and then tap it. Then tap on "Assign voucher number" and enter the code of your voucher card.

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