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Remove the printer in the Paymash app under Settings > Printers by tapping on the name and then "Delete". Then reconnect the printer to the device on which you are using Paymash.

Also, printer settings must be turned on in the app under Settings > Printer as desired (Print receipt after payment must be turned on for sure, otherwise no receipt will pop out).

The printer should now work again. Make a test print and a test sale.

Important! A Bluetooth printer can only be paired with one device.

If the WLAN printer is not found, make sure that the device you are using Paymash on is connected to the same WLAN as the printer.

If no receipt is printed, the printer could not connect to the WLAN. In this case it is possible that the SSID or password has been changed. In this case you need to reconfigure the printer.

If you have Bluetooth printer, make sure that:

- the printer is paired in the system settings with the device on which you are using Paymash.

- Your iOS version is up-to-date.

- Your Paymash version is up-to-date

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