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How do I set up my online store?
How do I set up my online store?

7 steps to an operational online store from Paymash.

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You want to publish your Paymash webshop? Follow the steps below:

  1. Have you chosen the correct Paymash subscription? To publish a webshop you need either "Webshop" or "All in one". You can find the information about your subscription in your account settings.

  2. Have you set the webshop to visible? You can also find this setting in the account settings, with the Webshop - disabled or enabled switch.

  3. In the webshop editor you can create your own pages on your webshop (e.g. an "About us" page). Help: Create and edit pages in the webshop

  4. Are the right products displayed on the webshop? If you don't want to show some products or whole categories, edit the product or category and uncheck "Show in webshop". This way your customers will only see what they can actually get!

  5. Set up your payment provider. Read more: Pay in the webshop

  6. Set your shipping costs per country in the Paymash settings under "Shipping".

  7. You want to use your own domain (instead of Here you can find instructions: Use your own domain for the webshop

  8. That's it, now your webshop is ready for your customers!

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