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Learn how to use the Paymash cash journal

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What's the cash journal?

The cash journal is a tool to track all cash flows (income, expenses, deposits and withdrawals) of your cash register.

How can I activate the cash journal function?

Go to "Settings" → "Sales" and down to "Cash journal", click on "Activated".

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Open cash journal under "Sales" → "Cash journal"

The cash journal helps you to control your cash flows. In the morning you can count the amount in your cash register, then "open a shift" and enter the amount there. During the day you will see how much cash has flowed into the till via Paymash. You can also make manual adjustments, for example if you want to take money from the till or add a tip. In addition, you can see which of your registered employees has performed which operation.

In the evening (or after any period of time, but at the latest by the end of the calendar day) you can finally count the amount in your cash register again, click on "Close shift" and enter it there. This will tell you if there is a difference between the expected amount and the counted amount.

Every employee with login permission can open and close shifts.

Important to know: Only one shift can be open at a time!

Cash journal on your POS

From the app version 1.2.18 it is possible to use the cash journal also on mobile devices.
So now you can open/close shifts in the app and make corresponding adjustments.
Menu → Cash journal, lock icon - open/close shift.
cash journal icon - make an adjustment.

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Good to know: Every time you tap on lock icon or cash journal icon, the cash drawer opens.

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