Time shift of the end of day

Are you open late at night? Here you can learn how to shift the time of your working day.

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Log in to https://app.mypaymash.com/ and go to the settings. Now select "Company" and scroll down to "Standards & Formats". Look for the setting "Postpone the working day".

This works by shifting the end of the working day by the selected time, this shift also affects the start of the working day. As a result, daily, weekly, monthly & annual report will be shifted by this time. (00:00 + selected number of hours)


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In this case, the working day ends at 05:00 (00:00 + 5). The working day can be shifted by max. 12 hours.

Important: This setting affects all dates from the moment of change . Use this setting wisely. We recommend to set the shift once and not to change it afterwards to guarantee a smooth process.

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