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Assignment products to stores
Assignment products to stores

How can you manage products in stores if you use multiple stores.

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This feature was introduced in update 1.5.0. If you have several stores where you sell different products or services, this article will show you how you can separate them.

To assign a product to a store:

1. Go to -> and select "Products" in the top navigation bar.

2. Click the plus sign in the upper right corner to create a new product, or select an existing product and click "Edit Product" in the upper right corner.

Assignment products to stores - photo 1

3. Scroll down to the stores and check the box with the name of the store where the product is placed.

Assignment products to stores - photo 2

4. Scroll down and press the “Save” button.

Important! At the POS, each store displays only the products that have been assigned to it.

Each store has its own inventory of the selected product. When you click on some product on the Products tab you get to the inventory view of this product.

Assignment products to stores - photo 3

To be able to adjust the inventory a store should be picked up first (if there are several stores on the account). To select a store click on the “all’ and choose the store in the pop-up window.

Assignment products to stores - photo 4

More about Inventory can be read in the following Article - .

On the POS, each store will display only those products that have been assigned to it.

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