Low-stock notifications

This feature can help you to notice when you have minimal amount of the products

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Using this feature you receive Email notifications as soon as the quantity of the products will reach the minimum amount.

Please make sure that you activated the inventory management via Paymash. More information about it you can find here: Managing the inventory

How can I activate low stock notifications?

In the Admin area go to the Settings → Account and in the options activate Low-stock notifications.

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After that, you can see a new tab "Inventory", where you can manage the configurations of these notifications.

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Email notification frequency

In this section, you can choose how often do you want to receive notifications about your products. There are 3 options: never, daily or weekly.

Choosing the "weekly" option you can also select the specific day for it.

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Minimum inventory quantity

Here you can determine the minimum quantity of products, and then the quantity is equal or below this number they should be displayed as low-stock products.

Low stock inventory view

You can also find the list with low-stock products in the general inventory list.

For this go to Products and choose the necessary store. After that click on the blue button "Inventory list". In the window choose the option "Low-stock products". In this case, you will see all low-stock products in this store. You can also export this information as PDF or XLS.

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Also without choosing this option, you will see the number of low-stock products in the general inventory list, they are marked in red.

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