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New "Multiple Guests" feature is available with the 1.2.35 Paymash POS update.

This function enables:

  • The grouping of orders so that it is clear which person ordered which products.

  • Sending a person's order to the kitchen so that it is known there what belongs together.

  • Seeing which products are new and have not yet been sent to the kitchen printer.

  • Making paying for an individual guest much easier and faster.


  • "Multiple guests" mode is enabled under "Settings" → "General" on the POS.

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  • Tip: To see unprinted items on the kitchen printer, kitchen printer waiting list must be enabled on the POS as follows.

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  • New guests are added by pressing the "Add guest" button. An existing customer cannot be assigned to a guest.

  • Products are only added to the guest with the blue selected check mark. It is not possible to move products between guests.

  • Each guest has a print "bell" icon to send their products to the kitchen.

  • To transfer a guest to another table, you have to select the guest and then change the table in the table selection to a different table. If a guest is transferred to a new table, a new invoice is created with this guest.

  • A guest can be removed from the list, if their last product in the shopping cart is removed. A guest can also be removed by swiping to the left.

Payment options:

If you click on the amount of a single guest, e.g. "Pay CHF 10.30", only this part of the invoice will be displayed, so that this guest can pay for his products alone.

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Separate payment is also possible. With the blue marked check mark you can select all products of each guest. Products, which should be paid separately, can be selected with blue boxes to the right.

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