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The new 1.2.33 POS version now shows unprinted items on the kitchen printer (on tablets only).

Important: This function is only available with activated Restaurant / Table Plan mode.
(To activate the Table Plan please navigate in Admin area to "Settings" → "Account", scroll down to section "Options").

Check how to print different categories and products on different printers at Configuring multiple kitchen printers

The corresponding option "Show items unprinted on the kitchen printer" will be enabled by default after the app update. It can be disabled in "Settings" → "Printers".


You open a new invoice and take an order. If your customers add nothing else for now, click on the bell icon to send the order to bar or kitchen for preparation.

Should the customers order anything else afterward, find the corresponding opened invoice and add more products. You now see that POS shows only unprinted items for kitchen or bar. A click on the bell icon will print out a new bar/kitchen receipt with new items.

In the end, there will be 2 separate bar/kitchen tickets.

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