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Configuring multiple kitchen printers
Configuring multiple kitchen printers

Print different categories and products on different printers

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Important: This function is only available with activated Restaurant / Table Plan mode.
(To activate the Table Plan please navigate in Admin area to "Settings" → "Account", scroll down to section "Options").

Step 1: Set up multiple kitchen printers in the Admin area

  • Log in to the admin area (

  • Navigate to "Settings" → "Restaurant"

  • With plus button add a printer in the section "Multiple kitchen printers"

  • Define a printer name (e.g.: Bar) and click on "Save"

  • Add more printers

Configuring multiple kitchen printers - photo 01

Step 2: Assign categories and products to a kitchen printer

Now define at product or category level which product should be printed on which printer.

To do this, edit the product or category and select the correct printer in the corresponding section.

Configuring multiple kitchen printers - photo 02

By default, all products inherit the settings of the respective category. For example, if you define a specific kitchen printer in the category "Drinks", all products and subcategories in this category will automatically adopt this selection. So the default setting is always "Same as parents", which means the same as the category above.

If you specify a different rule in a subcategory or even at product level (select a different printer), the general setting is ignored.

For example, if you specify that the products of the category "Dessert" are to be printed on the kitchen printer "Kitchen", but one product (e.g. "Iced coffee") of this category is assigned to printer "Bar", then this product is printed on printer "Bar", while all other products are sent to printer "Kitchen".

Step 3: Configure the printer on the tablet or smartphone

Finally, the kitchen printers should now be correctly configured on each mobile device.

  1. To do this, log in to the Paymash App on all mobile devices that you want to connect to the printers.

  2. Go to "Settings" → "Printers" and connect the printers to the device.

  3. Select the printer again and click on "Edit".

  4. Now activate this Printer as Kitchen printer and then select a virtual printer.

Configuring multiple kitchen printers - photo 03

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