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The gift card product is visible in the web shop after the corresponding option has been activated in the settings of the gift card product.

In the settings in the admin area under vouchers, the voucher can be made visible for the webshop.

The gift cards otherwise behave like other products in the webshop: the variants, images and description specified in the settings are displayed, a variant should be selected in order to be able to place the gift card in the shopping cart.

Just like when ordering regular products, any available activated payment method can be selected when ordering gift cards: Prepayment, Payment on Collection, Payment by Credit Card, PayPal, Gift Card.

The voucher will only be sent if the invoice has either been paid or marked as "Paid" under Sales.

Redeem vouchers in the webshop

After the gift card product has been activated, a new option to use the gift card will be displayed in the web shop during the order process on the screen where the payment methods are to be selected.

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