Redeem vouchers

How do I redeem vouchers?

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If your customers want to pay with a voucher, you simply have to put the customer's products into the shopping cart and select the payment method "voucher" during the payment process. You can enter the numbers of the voucher or scan it in. The sum will then be deducted from the amount and the remaining balance will be updated.

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Get full information about vouchers

To get access to all vouchers and to get full information about the date of issue, expiry date, amount and balance of the vouchers, you can login in the admin area.

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If your customer has lost the voucher, you can send it to him again from here. You can only send the voucher to customers with an email. All paper vouchers should be kept in a safe place, because there is no possibility to restore them.

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In the overview section of the admin area you can view the statistics.

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