How do I create vouchers

Sell and manage vouchers with Paymash

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Vouchers 2020

The new Paymash update includes the voucher function. You can create, sell and redeem vouchers. You can find out how it works below.

1. Go to the admin area (

2. Press your company name and then press Settings.

3. Under the menu item "Vouchers", you can edit the description, the validity, the text on the voucher web view etc.

By default the following values are stored for the vouchers: 10, 25, 50 and 100, but you can also create and edit your own vouchers.

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In order for the product to be visible in the POS, a flag must be set at "Show product in POS" in the properties of the vouchers. The product "Voucher", is then visible at the POS. You can assign it to one of your categories.

IMPORTANT!!!! The created vouchers cannot be deactivated or cancelled. Also the invoices with sold vouchers cannot be cancelled, so use them actively and not as tests.

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