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Set up myPOS Glass in the Paymash app
Set up myPOS Glass in the Paymash app

Accept card payments directly on your Android phone with the perfect combination: myPOS Glass + Paymash

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Welcome to a new era of card payments: now, no additional hardware is required to accept card payments - all you need is your Android smartphone and a payment app.

Thanks to the integration of myPOS Glass into the Paymash app, invoices created in Paymash can be paid with a card directly on your phone with just one click.

This is how it works:

  1. You need a smartphone with Android version 11 or higher and an integrated NFC chip.

  2. The myPOS Glass app should be installed on this device (link to the app).

  3. You should already have an account with myPOS. This link will take you to the page where you can apply to open an account, and here you will find a collection of support articles on the subject of "myPOS".

  4. The myPOS Glass app should be activated, which is explained in the following guide.

  5. You can find information about the myPOS Glass price packages here.

  6. In the Paymash app on your cell phone, navigate to Settings -> Terminals and select "myPOS Glass".

  7. Create an invoice, proceed to Checkout, select "myPOS Glass" as the payment method and tap on "Pay".

  8. The amount will now appear in the payment app, you should place the customer's card on the back of the smartphone and tap the PIN code if required.

  9. As soon as the payment is authorised, the invoice is marked as paid in Paymash and the money is credited to your myPOS account.

Good to know: Which card types can be accepted with myPOS Glass?

You can accept all contactless EMV-based debit, credit and prepaid cards from Visa and Mastercard. You can also accept payments with mobile wallets and wearables with NFC.

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