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Set up PaymashPay for the Paymash webshop
Set up PaymashPay for the Paymash webshop

Set up the PaymashPay Checkout for your Paymash online store

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With PaymashPay Checkout you can accept and process card payments in the Paymash webshop. To set this up, you need access to the Paymash Admin Portal.

1. Open "" in a browser and go to the settings. Then go to the "Payments" tab.

2. Scroll down to the "Payment providers" section and select "PaymashPay E-Commerce":

You will need an account with our partner Adyen for this. Contact us if you do not have an account yet.

Then enter your account name, client key and API key. Please request this data from us. After you have received the data from Paymash Support, enter it under "Payment provider" and save.

The test mode should now be deactivated.

It looks like this in the online store:

If TWINT is activated in your Adyen account, your customers can also use it to pay in the online shop.

Otherwise, please contact Paymash Support and request the TWINT payment option to be set up for you.

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