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Connecting SumUp Solo with Paymash (Bluetooth)
Connecting SumUp Solo with Paymash (Bluetooth)

How do I connect my SumUp Solo to the Paymash app?

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The Solo card terminal can be connected to Paymash via Bluetooth. To do this, Bluetooth must be enabled on the Solo device.

Switch on Bluetooth

  1. Switch on the SumUp Solo device now.

  2. Press the arrow symbol at the top of the screen in the middle.

  3. Now press Connections and then Bluetooth.

  4. Activate the Bluetooth.

If Bluetooth is activated, you will see the last 3 digits of the serial number which are necessary for the connection.

Connecting Paymash to the SumUp Solo

  1. Open the Paymash app and log in with your user details.

  2. Go to the side menu and press Settings.

  3. Go to Terminals and select SumUp.

  4. Go back to the product view.

  5. Add any product to the shopping cart and pay for it using the SumUp payment method.

  6. Log in with your SumUp account.

  7. Select your terminal and complete the process.

Your SumUp Solo terminal is now connected to the Paymash app.

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