RKSV activation (Austria)

Learn how to activate the signing of invoices on your Paymash account in accordance with the Cash Register Security Ordinance

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The Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV) - is an Austrian legal regulation on mandatory technical security devices in cash registers, with the help of which a manipulation security of cash transactions is to be achieved.

The principle of the Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV) is a linking of cash transactions with the help of an electronic signature. This means that each receipt bears a signature that includes not only the receipt data itself, but also the signature of the immediately preceding receipt. This creates an unbroken chain of all documents, and any subsequent manipulation of a document in the chain would result not only in the invalidity of its own signature, but also of all the signatures of all subsequent documents.

1. When the RKSV registration has been paid, the RKSV function will be activated for you in your Paymash account.

2. After that you need to complete the RKSV activation on your account under Settings > Account > RKSV itself.

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3. There are some requirements to activate RKSV function:

  • The license should be paid.

  • Under Settings > Company, the VAT number must be entered in the correct format for Austria (ATU12345678).

  • Under Settings > Company the address of the company should be entered.

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4. These 3 fields of FinanzOnline, which you can find in the admin area under Settings > Account > RKSV, have to be filled in:

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5. In order to do this step, you must have a FinanzOnline account (https://finanzonline.bmf.gv.at/fon/). If you don't have an account there, you have to create it first and enter the necessary data in Paymash.

6. After that click on "Save". This will activate the RKSV, the seal creation unit will be created, your invoices will be signed and provided with a QR code.

7. After your Paymash license expires, RKSV will be automatically deactivated and the seal creation unit will be shut down.

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