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Adjust receipt / cash register receipt
Adjust receipt / cash register receipt

Visualize receipts in Paymash admin area

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You can customize your receipts by integrating a feedback QR code, adding your logo, address and a small text.

Feedback QR code → Settings → Sales → Bottom: Checkout → Feedback QR Code

If you have activated the QR code, the text "Your opinion is important to us:" will be displayed at the top of the receipts. Below that is a QR code. When your customer scans this QR code with their smartphone, your company profile opens and right at the beginning the customer can give their opinion.

You will then find the feedbacks of your customers in the admin "Overview" → "Feedback".


Your company's logo is used, which you can change in the settings under Company. Keep in mind that the printer can only print in black. So the logo should be adjusted to make a good impression in black and white as well.

Good to know: The printer prints very light shades as white.

Company location

Navigate to Settings → Company → Company Location.Here you can create your branches. The following information will be displayed on the receipts: Branch name, street, zip code and city.

Own text on the receipt → Settings → Sales → bottom: Cash register → Receipt text.

Here you can store a text that will be displayed at the very bottom of each receipt. Share valuable information with your customers! The following information is often found on cash register receipts:

A thank you for shopping

Opening hours

Conditions for returns

Links to social media pages or website

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