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Create discounts for the Paymash Online Shop

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Note: This function is currently available for online invoices and the online shop.

Use discounts to effectively advertise your online shop.

That' s how you create and manage discounts:

Log in to, go to "Sales" and then to "Discounts". Once you have entered your first discount, you will see it listed here. To create a new discount, click on the blue plus sign in the top right corner.

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  • Code: Enter a code or generate one.

  • Limit: Determine how many times the discount can be used. Only one discount can be used per invoice.

  • Discount: Choose percent or your currency and enter the discount.

  • Products: Choose whether all products, only one category or only one product are affected by the discount.

  • Date: Determine from when to when the discount code should be valid.

  • Save the discount.

You can set a created discount to "inactive" at any time. Then it can no longer be used until you reactivate it.

Good to know: The deletion of discounts cannot be reverted!

This is how you can promote discounts:

It is up to you how and where you would like to promote the discounts. We recommend advertising them by e-mail, on social media or by mail.

This is how your customers use the discounts:

The customer can add products to the shopping cart in your online shop. Then he goes to the shopping cart and there he will see the button "Enter discount code" under the product listing. He can click on it, enter the code and confirm by clicking "Redeem code". That's it: the discount will be applied for respective items!

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