View turnover in Paymash Admin

First select the desired time period to see the turnover in Paymash.

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When you log on to you will be taken directly to the statistics page. Otherwise, you can find them at Overview → Statistics.


  • Time selection → determines the time period for the whole statistics page

  • "Export to PDF".

  • Large diagram: Turnover

  • Small diagram above: Average turnover per weekday

  • Small diagram below: Average turnover per hour

  • Turnover per time unit (year, month, week or day, depending on time choice)

  • Turnover per category

  • Turnover per product

  • Turnover per shop

  • Turnover per employee

  • Revenue per customer

  • Turnover per VAT rate

  • Revenue per payment type

Filter options

You have the possibility to filter according to various criteria. You add a filter by clicking on a category, product, branch, employee or customer (recognisable by the blue font). For example, you can click on a category and then see which products in that category generate a lot of sales.

In the column "Invoices" you can see how many invoices exist per category/product/branch/employee/customer. If you click on the number of invoices (each in blue font), you will be redirected to a filtered view of the sales overview. You can then see which invoices are involved.

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