Payment with a card terminal

With Paymash you can cash in with all card terminals. However, some are better integrated into the system than others.

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You can use Paymash with all credit card terminals. A typical sale in Paymash with a common credit card terminal looks like this:

  1. Add the products to the bill and click on "Pay".

  2. Type the total into the credit card terminal and give it to your customer.

  3. In the Paymash app select the appropriate credit card so that it is correctly booked in the statistics.

  4. After the payment process has been successfully completed, confirm in the Paymash app that you have received the payment.

With the SumUp card terminal, steps 2 and 3 are no longer necessary. Paymash can be connected to SumUp and then passes the total directly to SumUp and automatically posts the correct credit card type.


In the settings → Payments you have the possibility to activate the card terminal SumUp. The installation of the terminal is described in the Hardware section.

As soon as you have stored your SumUp account data in Paymash, the payment method "SumUp" is automatically activated.

You can now select the payment method SumUp during the payment process on the POS system. Continue the payment process as usual.

Good to know: When using SumUp the selected payment methods are saved directly by Paymash. This means you don't have to enter the selected payment method manually and fewer errors occur when correctly posting and accounting for your income and payment fees.

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