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Using BESR to reconcile paid invoices from e-banking
Using BESR to reconcile paid invoices from e-banking

Bank deposit slip with reference number - Helps you to set open bills in Paymash to paid when the bill is paid

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So that you do not have to manually set all your invoices to "Paid", you can request a BESR document from your bank at the end of the month. Under settings → payments → bank account you can activate this function by setting your

  • BESR: ISR subscriber number

  • BESR: Customer identification number

  • BESR: Bank address (optional)

Under Sales → BESR-Inputs you can then upload the monthly document and automatically record all incoming payments. This saves you a lot of time and reduces potential errors.

Contact your bank to obtain all the BESR details you need.

Good to know: These instructions are only valid for Switzerland. Please contact your bank for information on the procedure in other countries.

Postfinance customers: Must enter six zeros in the BESR customer identification number "000000".

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