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If you have activated the online shop in the settings, you will see the menu item "Online Shop" in the top navigation bar. If you click on it, you are transferred to the online shop editor.

There you can see a list of different pages of your online shop. By default, you have a " Shop" page where all products and categories are displayed.

At the top right corner you can click on "View online shop" to look at it from a customer's point of view.

If you click on the blue plus sign in the upper right corner, you can see what kind of pages you could create.

Create a page

On one page you can add text and pictures as well as present single products.

  • The visibility determines whether this page is displayed in your online shop or not. So you can make a page temporarily invisible, e.g. while working at it.

  • Enter a name that should appear in the navigation (e.g. "About us") and decide if you want this page to be your homepage.

  • Under "Position" you can select if the link to this page should be visible in the main navigation bar on the top or in the navigation bar in the footer.

  • The page title is the text that appears above the page content in your browser. The URL is generated automatically, but can be customized.

  • A meta description is displayed as text in the search results that your customers see when searching with search engines such as Google. Enter a few keywords that describe this page so your customers know more about what's on the page.

  • You can change the layout of the page at any time by clicking "+ Add layout" and selecting a template.

  • Click on "Preview Page" to view your page or on "Save" to save the new page.

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