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Use the Paymash Scanner App
Use the Paymash Scanner App

The Paymash Scanner app is the ideal companion for your iPhone or iPad.

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You can download the Paymash Scanner App from the App Store:

The Paymash Scanner App must be installed on a different iOS device than the Paymash POS App.

Connect the iOS devices to the same Wi-Fi network or activate Bluetooth. Now open the Paymash POS and click on the barcode scanner icon at the top of the product overview.

The camera will now open and you will see another scanner icon. Tap on it.

Open the Paymash Scanner App to connect the two devices. You will now see a pop-up on your POS screen showing your second device (iPhone) under "Found Scanners".

Click on it to select this device and confirm in the pop-up in the scanner app. The connected device will now be displayed in your Paymash POS on the iPad. With the scanner app, you can now move freely around the room and scan products as long as you are connected to the app.

Good to know: If the scanner function is not open in the Paymash POS, you cannot use the scanner app.

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