Payment with the POS system

How does the payment process work on the Paymash POS system.

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In the POS system, your customers can pay using various payment methods. If necessary, you can customize these different payment options at under the payment settings.

Payment process

To make a payment, select all desired products in the app or select an open invoice. At the bottom right, you can give the customer a discount via the blue percentage sign or click directly on Pay.

In the blue area on the left side you can select the payment method at the top, which is set to Cash by default. Then click on the total amount in the number field or enter the given amount and swipe the activated Pay button to the left.

If your Paymash account is connected to the Metapace K-1 cash drawer, it will open when you click on the lock at the top right of the number field.

How can I merge or split my invoices in POS?

You can merge multiple open invoices into one within the Paymash app, or split a single invoice across multiple customers or payments.

To merge invoices log in to the app and go to "Invoices" via the menu button in the upper left corner. Now you see "Merge invoices" in the upper right corner and click this button.

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Now you can see all open invoices and select the ones you want to merge. When you are done with the selection, click on "Merge" in the upper left corner and you will return to the view with the invoices.

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To split an invoice, open the corresponding invoice and click "Pay" at the bottom right. Tap on "Pay separately".

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The view will now change slightly and you will see the number of selected products in the blue boxes in the middle and on the right. The products that are on the right side of the column will be paid. By clicking on the blue boxes you can adjust the number of selected products. When you are done with the selection, proceed normally with the payment process.

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