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Table plan - enter tables for your restaurant
Table plan - enter tables for your restaurant

With the table plan restaurateurs keep track of orders in the restaurant

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Create table plan

To add tables for your restaurant, log in to and go to Table Plan via Settings → Restaurant. Click on the blue "Add room" button. In the dialog box that opens, you can create a new room that you can name any way you want. Click on Save.

The new room is now displayed. Click on the name to open the room and add tables. You can enter each table individually and give it a unique name. Click on the blue plus to add another table. When you are satisfied with the list, click the plus again and then click Save.

Assign tables to invoices

In the POS system you now need to assign a table to each sale. Tap on "No table" in the upper right corner. Now select the room and the corresponding table and proceed with the order as usual.

Deactivate table selection

If you don't want to assign a table to each sale, there is now an option called "Table Selection Mandatory". Here you can choose whether a table should be assigned to a sale or not. The whole thing can be set in the settings, in the "Restaurant" section.

Good to know: If you have a lot of walk-in customers, or your guests move around the room a lot, you can alternatively create a table called "Take Away" or "Beverage Bar" and assign the corresponding invoices there. This way you always keep track of everything.

You can find more information about the new table plan here.

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