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Learn how to get the most out of Paymash customer analytics

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In the customer analysis, which is integrated in Paymash, you get insightful information about your customers. The more customers you have in your system, the more information you will find here!

You can find the customer analysis when you log in to and go to Overview Customer Analysis.

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  1. Customer segmentation: Customer segmentation shows you how loyal your customers are. Not only do you see the number in each segment, but you can even click on it and get a list of customers. For example, you can export the list of customers from the "Active and Loyal" segment and thank them by mail for their loyalty. Or you can export the customers from the "Drifting and Rare" segment and send them a coupon code by mail. This way you can win back drifting customers!

  2. Total customers: Breakdown by gender

  3. Customers with purchases: Returning customers and new customers. This chart shows you how many of your customers have purchased from you multiple times and how many have purchased from you only once. If you click on a section, you will see the customer list for it.

  4. Lifetime per customer: The lifetime is the time span between the first and the last purchase of a customer. The longer the average lifetime of your customers is, the more loyal your customers are. You can see the five customers with the longest lifetime on the list below.

  5. Average and total sales per customer: The average sale tells you approximately how much you sold to a customer per purchase. On the list below you can see the five customers who have generated the most sales in your store so far.

  6. The average time between purchases.

  7. The average number of products per purchase.

  8. The average number of purchases per customer.

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