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7 steps how to process orders in the Paymash Online Shop

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When a customer places an order in your webshop, you are immediately notified by e-mail. With the link in the email you can view the order in your browser.

To process the order, select the menu button Sales. Here you can see all invoices and their payment status. You can filter out individual invoices using the filter function and the search function.

To edit the order, click on it in the list. Now you see the invoice on the right and its options for editing on the left. You can now

  1. See the payment method and the shipping method.

  2. Mark the order as "Paid" (if your customer has ordered on prepayment and the payment has been received).

  3. Change the delivery status.

  4. Create a delivery note.

  5. View the invoice in a PDF.

  6. Send a message to the customer, which will be sent to them by email.

  7. Cancel the invoice.

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