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Granting access rights to employees
Granting access rights to employees

As Paymash Admin you can define which access rights should be assigned to your employees

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On Paymash you can basically differentiate between managers and employees. Certain restrictions are applicable to employees. To define them, navigate to "Employees" and select the respective person.

Manager rights:

  • Can edit everything (products and inventory, customers, employees)

  • Has access to Statistics and Sales

  • Can login to the POS application

  • Can create and pay invoices on the POS

  • Can cancel invoices

The person who has registered on Paymash is automatically the manager. If you want to qualify a new employee as a manager, activate the "Allow login" checkbox, enter his e-mail address and password and activate the "Manager" checkbox.

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Rights of an Employee:

  • Can create and pay invoices on the POS

  • Can add and edit customers via the Paymash App

You can add the following additional rights for an employee:

  • Can login to the Paymash App (but without manager rights he cannot login to

  • Access to daily turnover in the App

  • Ability to cancel invoices

To assign these rights to an employee, activate the corresponding check box.

Code for POS

You can assign a code to each of your employees to prevent unauthorized access to the App. When added, this pin code should be entered while changing between employees on the employee screen. We recommend to use three to five digit codes. The code can only be changed by a manager.

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