Find out how to make your Paymash Online Shop accessible via your own URL.

Attention! The change can take up to 24 hours! Your web page will not be accessible during this conversion. If you switch from an existing online shop to the Paymash online shop, choose a time when you have few visits.

You can redirect the Paymash online shop to your desired address in the following way:

1. Select URL

Choose an URL. You can either create a subdomain from your homepage (e.g. or use your own address (e.g.

2. Create a CName Record

For the second step, you need to know where your domain is managed. You pay this provider a small monthly or annual amount so that the domain belongs to you. If you need help creating the CName Record, contact Support or your contact person at your domain administrator.

How do I set up the CName Record?

Log in to the admin area of your domain. Go to "Domains" and edit the DNS zone of the desired domain.

Add a new record. Choose the type "CNAME" and enter "".

In case your domain administrator takes over this task, give him the instruction to create a "CNAME record for".

Create a CNAME record for your domain always with the www. prefix and without it. For example, if your domain is called, create a CNAME record for and for

If you use a subdomain. Example:, then create a CNAME record for and for This is required to create the SSL certificate.

3. Configure the Paymash Settings

Then enter your page on Paymash in the "Settings → Online Shop → Add domain" (e.g.

Good to know! Enter your domain name in the Paymash Settings without "www.".

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