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Connect SumUp card terminal
Connect SumUp card terminal

7 steps to connect the SumUp terminal to the Paymash POS system

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With SumUp you never have to worry about the correct booking of card payments again. Paymash receives all payment details directly from SumUp.
Example: The payment with MasterCard via SumUp is directly booked in Paymash as MasterCard.

To use the SumUp card terminal for Paymash, you first need an account at

Now follow the steps below to connect the SumUp device to Paymash for the first time:

1. log in at and go to Settings → Payments.

2. create a payment type named "SumUp". The upper and lower case must be correct.

3. we recommend that you now make a test purchase on Paymash.

Open the Paymash POS App and add a single product worth 1 EUR (or any other product or currency) to the invoice and click on Pay.

4. select the payment method SumUp, enter the amount received and confirm the payment by clicking on the pay button.

The SumUp window will now open. Log in with your SumUp account data (this step is no longer necessary after setup).

6. follow the instructions in the window.

7. you have now successfully made a payment with SumUp!

SumUp could not connect to my Tablet/Smartphone, what do I have to do?

  • Make sure that the SumUp device is switched on and has enough battery.

  • Close the Paymash POS app and remove the SumUp device from your Bluetooth settings. Now try again to connect via the Paymash POS App.

You can find more information about SumUp Bluetooth Reset here.

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