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Paymash subscription / license change
Paymash subscription / license change

This is how you can change your Paymash subscription.

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You can easily adjust your subscription and the number of users at any time.

During the trial period

go to → Settings → Account → Choose subscription

select the appropriate package

"click on "Apply changes

After the trial period

go to → Settings → Account → Change subscription

select appropriate package

click "checkout"

The following principle applies: if you want to use Paymash, deposit your credit card. If you do not want to use Paymash yet, temporarily or no longer, remove it again. You do not need to submit a written cancellation or to observe a cancellation period.

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Once you do, the system will delete your credit card information and you will no longer be charged.

Billing is always done on the first of each month. So if you remove your credit card at the beginning of the month, the whole month is already paid and a refund is not possible.

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