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You can divide your products into categories (e.g. "Shoes" or "Appetizers"), which helps you and your customers to navigate through the products.

Select Products from the menu bar. At the top right corner click on the blue plus sign and choose "Add category".

Now you can

  • add the title and description of the category,

  • add an image,

  • create conditions that automatically assign products to this category,

  • define the visibility of this category.

Once the category has been created and saved, you can assign it as a subcategory to an existing category (e.g. "Shoes - Sneakers" or " Appetizers-Salads"). You can add any number of subcategories to a category at any time.

To change the order of the categories, you can simply "pack" them with the mouse at the points to the left of the category name and drag them to the desired position.

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