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Installing the Epson receipt printer
Installing the Epson receipt printer

Instructions for installing the Epson TM-M30 Receipt Printer for use with the Paymash POS System

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Make sure that your printer is properly connected to power, paper is loaded, and the blue light is steady. When you turn on the printer, the first thing it prints is a small piece of paper. That way you know it's ready.

  • For the Epson TM-m30 you need the receipt paper with a width of 80mm.

  • If you have two or more printers connected, you can assign them a specific function (e.g. kitchen).

  • Only employees with manager rights can change the printer settings.

You will now find the individual instructions depending on the type of connection (Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi).

EPSON TM-m30 with Ethernet

For the EPSON TM-m30 with Ethernet you additionally need an Ethernet cable which you can buy in any electronics store.
Connect the printer to the router via the Ethernet cable.

You can now find the printer in the Paymash app under Settings → Printer settings. 

EPSON TM-m30 with Bluetooth and TM-P20 with Bluetooth

Turn on the Bluetooth feature on the device you want to use Paymash on. Now connect to the printer by opening the Bluetooth settings on your iPad or iPhone and selecting the printer.

You can now find the printer in the Paymash app under Settings → Printer settings. 

EPSON TM-m30 with Wifi

For the installation please follow these instructions.


  • The receipt printer is not connected to the network via LAN cable.

  • The WLAN dongle is correctly plugged into the USB port provided for this purpose.

  • The power cable is plugged in correctly.

  • The receipt printer is turned on and the blue icon lights up continuously.

  • Your mobile phone or tablet is connected to the WLAN to which the receipt printer will later be connected.

  • Paper roll is inserted and has enough paper.Make a note of the password for the WLAN and its encryption. (WEP, WPA, WPA2) (In case of doubt use WPA2 as it offers the best security)

  • Install the app "Epson TM Utility" (hereinafter "Epson App") available in the App Store


  1. Open Epson App and press the button "Wi-Fi Setup Wizard".

  2. Select the printer model (Tm-m30)

  3. After pressing the "Next" button you must confirm that the printer has printed a short receipt. 

  4. Now you have to install a temporary profile, which the app will need to configure the printer correctly.

  5. A warning will be displayed that the profile is not signed. Since the app was created by Epson, you can assume that there is no security risk.Press "Install" to continue. Another "Install" button will appear after you press it. Also press this button to not abort the installation.

  6. You have now successfully installed the profile. Finish with "Done".

  7. Click on "Back" to return to the Epson App. If you have pressed the button, a dialog will be displayed whether you really want to open the app. Please press "Open" to be redirected to the app.

  8. Now you have to connect to the WLAN "EPSON_Printer". To do this, go to the settings of the operating system, where all available WLAN are displayed. Connect there to the WLAN "EPSON_Printer".

  9. Again in the Epson App you can select the WLAN to be configured for the printer.

  10. The next step is to select the encryption of the WLAN, preferably "WPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES)".

  11. Enter the password of the network.

  12. IP address does not have to be specified, can be left at "Auto (DHCP)".

  13. The last step is to display a summary of all settings, which must be confirmed by pressing the "Set to printer" button.

  14. Now the printer has all necessary settings to connect to your network. You have to do the same now, please switch back to your network in the settings app of your operating system. 

  15. Then go back to the Epson App. The receipt printer will be reconfigured and started again. Please do not leave the app until this process has been completed.

  16. When the process is complete and the receipt printer has restarted, you will see a confirmation. You can now make a test print or finish the installation. 

You can now find the printer in the Paymash app under Settings → Printer settings. 

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