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Import products into Paymash using an Excel spreadsheet. Learn everything you need to import products into the Paymash POS.

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If you want to import many products at once:

Go to Products and click on the blue plus in the upper right corner. Click on "Import products" and download the Excel template.

Table guide

Import products - photo 1
Import products - photo 2
Import products - photo 3

Important: Never change the name of a field, also do not change the format of the fields so that the file can be imported correctly.

In "TRUE/FALSE" or "TRUE/FALSE" fields you should pay attention to the format and not change it. That is, you should not simply enter "TRUE" or "FALSE" as text, but you should add =TRUE() and =FALSE() so that the formulas work correctly and do not interfere with the import.
Our template table already has =TRUE() and =FALSE() in it.


Good to know: All images that you want to upload to the webshop with the import table must already be stored online and have a URL. With the import table it is not possible to update the inventory of already existing products.

Dropbox: When you get the share link (it looks, it is still supposed to be edited. The part should be changed to The bottom line is to add such link to the import table:

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