If you want to import many products at once:

Go to Products and click on the blue plus in the upper right corner. Click on "Import products" and download the Excel template.

Download Excel Tabelle Template: https://app.mypaymash.com/assets/lib/webapp/files/product_template.xlsx

Table guide

PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10MSK2rJma7jsBkC0OKXjwDhPU8UP9BjV/view?usp=sharing

Important: Never change the name of a field, also do not change the format of the fields so that the file can be imported correctly.

In "TRUE/FALSE" or "TRUE/FALSE" fields you should pay attention to the format and not change it. That is, you should not simply enter "TRUE" or "FALSE" as text, but you should add =TRUE() and =FALSE() so that the formulas work correctly and do not interfere with the import.

Our template table already has =TRUE() and =FALSE() in it.


Good to know: All images that you want to upload to the webshop with the import table must already be stored online and have a URL. With the import table it is not possible to update the inventory of already existing products.

Dropbox: When you get the share link (it looks https://www.dropbox.com/s/ucllsotgd6n9tn1/salat.jpeg?dl=0), it is still supposed to be edited. The www.dropbox.com part should be changed to dl.dropboxusercontent.com. The bottom line is to add such link to the import table:


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