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With the new server release your customers can make the appointment by themselves.

You can find the link to your public booking page under Settings -> Bookingt -> View booking page

On the public company page the customer can receive the whole information about your company:

  1. Logo

  2. Name

  3. Small description about your company

  4. Links to different social media pages

You can change this information going to Settings -> Company in the admin area.

Also the customers can give you feedback.

All feedbacks you can find in the admin area going to Overview -> Feedback

Also on this page is located the information about your stores. In the admin area under Settings -> Booking you can define in which stores an appointment can be made.

For each store will be shown the following information:

  • Name of the store

  • Address, the store will be also shown on the map

  • Phone number(s)

  • Email Adress

  • Opening hours

You can define this information for every store under Settings -> Company -> Stores in the admin area.

Under each store there is a button “Schedule an appointment”. Clicking on it the customer can continue creating an appointment in this particular store.

Store closed dated

An appointment cannot be arranged during close dates of the particular store. You can define this information going to Settings -> Company -> Store Closed dates

You can read more about store settings in this article: Store configurations for booking system

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