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On your Calendar page you see all your appointments and there you can cancel or delete an appointment.

Delete appointment

The appointments which have already started or which are already in the past can only be deleted from the calendar. After clicking on the required appointment you will see the “Delete appointment” button.


To delete an appointment that has already started or finished, you should click on the desired appointment in the calendar list and then on the "Delete appointment" button. In this case this appointment will not be displayed in the calendar at all.

Cancel appointment

Future appointments can be canceled. You should choose the required appointment and there will be a button “Cancel appointment”.

In the displayed pop-up window you can add a reason for cancellation (that will be visible in the email notification sent to the customer) and choose, if your customer should receive a notification or not.

In both cases, when you cancel or delete an appointment, it is NOT shown in the calendar anymore, and it cannot be undone.


The future appointments can be canceled. To do that you should select the desired appointment and click on Cancel. In a pop-up window you can enter the cancellation reason and choose whether the customer should be notified.

After the cancellation, this appointment is also no longer displayed in the calendar.

Appointment canceled by customer

Your customers also have the opportunity to cancel the appointment. There are several requirement for this:

  • it should be only a future appointment

  • you should define cancellation policy

On the customer view there is a button “Cancel appointment”.

After cancellation by customer, this appointment will be displayed differently in your calendar and list views:

And the status will be “Canceled by customer”

Such appointments you can also just delete from your calendar.

"No Show" Option

For past appointments there is one more option, which can be used.

You can define whether the customer visited this appointment or not. When you open the past appointment in the left corner you can see this button:

After clicking on “No-show” and saving this appointment will be displayed differently in your calendar.

You can use this option in case, when the customer didn't attend the appointment and he / she would like to arrange another appointment. In this situation you can search for previous appointments with this customer and see that he / she had a “No show”, so this customer is probably not reliable and should be treated respectfully.


To use this function on the POS, you need to select the past appointment and enable the "No-show" option there and then click Save.

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