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A new appointment can be booked by clicking on the + button (up, right) or on the corresponding free space in the calendar.

By doing so, a new appointment page will open where you can define your details for this appointment.

You can:

  • add a customer from your actual customer list or create a new customer by clicking on the + sign

  • select one or several services for this specific appointment

  • and even define which of your employee should execute this/those service/s

  • add custom service

  • and finally you can click on "Save" to save your appointment.
    You can also click on "Send & Save" to save your appointment and also send it to your customer


With the new release it is now possible to create a new appointment directly on the POS.

To do this, go to the calendar and simply click on the free space

On the opened page you can customize the following items:

  • Add service

  • select the employee

  • select customer (either from the list or add a new one)

  • set the color for this appointment

  • Create and add a single service

  • make an internal note

When you are done with editing the appointment, you can

  • either click Save & Send, so that the information is sent to the customer

  • or on Save, so that this appointment is displayed in the calendar

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