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Due to the booking system there are some new fields in the employees' information which should be filled in for every employee.

First of all you can select the color that will be shown for this employee in the Paymash booking calendar.

You can choose between the standard colors or use Hex color codes to define the particular color.

E.g. you can use this website to find the Hex color code

You just need to click to the place with the color you needed, copy the code

and then paste it to the Paymash page

Also you can determine the working hours of every employee.

Selecting “General working hours” means that the employee is working within the store opening hours.

The option “Individual working hours” can help to handle cases when there are several employees in the store and they are working in shifts.

For each employee you can select the services which can be provided by him.

If your employee has a vacation or sick leaves you can also add it in the section “Absences”.

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