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Set up settings for your Paymash booking system in the admin area

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Once the booking system is activated in your account settings, a new tab “Booking” will appear where you can make certain adjustments of your booking flow.

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Public page settings

You can define the following characteristics in your booking system:

  • Stores:

    • If you are the owner several stores, you can define which store should be included in the booking system

  • Time intervals:

    • Define the intervals in which appointments can be booked via the public page

  • Booking period:

    • Limit the time period when customers can book an appointment.

  • Services per booking

    • Define how many services your customers can combine in a single appointment.

  • Cancellation policy

    • Define how many hours or days, prior to an appointment, can the customer cancel the appointment online.

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Calendar settings

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In this section you can define how accurate the timescale should be in your calendar. Ex.:

Booking settings - photo 4
Booking settings - photo 5

You can also define if only bookable hours should be displayed in your calender.

For example your store is open from 10am to 15pm and you want only with hours to be displayed. Then the calender will be like this:

Booking settings - photo 6

Then this option is deactivated it will look like this:

Booking settings - photo 7

Notification settings

Booking settings - photo 8

In this section you can send an appointment reminder to your customer and define when your customer should receive it.

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