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After activation of the booking system you also have an option to add services. Services are basically also products. To add a new service go to Products in the menu bar, click on the "+" button and choose "Add service".

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After that you can define some details for this service. Firs of all you need to add a name of your service. You can also give your customers more information about this service writing a description for it.

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On this page you also can add following characteristics:

  • Selling price

  • Purchasing price

  • Strikethrough price

  • VAT

  • Barcode

  • Account

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Service duration

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When a customer books a service online - he will see only the service duration.

“Preparation time” and “Post-processing time” fields are for internal usage. The time defined in these fields will be added to the service duration and the total time (preparation + duration + post-processing) will be booked for this appointment in the calendar.


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If a company has several stores it is possible to define that different services are provided at different locations.


In this section you can select employees who can perform this service.

After selecting a service a customer will see the list of employees who can perform this particular service and are able to select the needed one.

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Booking limit

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In this section you can define how many times customers can book this particular service witihin one time slot.

For example we set up that 3 employees can perform a service (and for example, all of them are working within store opening hours) - then this service can be booked three times at e.g. 9:00 o’clock.

This setting is also meant to restrict the number of bookings during one period of time for those services where the employee assignment is not relevant.

For example, when booking a game at the bowling club:

You will create a service called “Bowling game”, but there are only 8 bowling lanes, so the booking limit should be set to “8”.

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