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How can I request a DATEV export?

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With the new server release, it is now possible to connect DATEV accounts with Paymash.

1) Create accounts

  • Go to Settings > Accounting in the admin area and click on "Add account".

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Create accounts for the UMST and payment methods you use, e.g.:

- 7% UMST revenue account, e.g. 8400

- 19% UMST revenue account, e.g. 8401

- Account payment type "CASH", e.g. 1002

- MAESTRO" payment type account, e.g. 1363

- Account payment type "VISA", e.g. 1364

- Account payment type "MASTERCARD" e.g. 1365

- Account payment type "AMEX" e.g. 1366

In addition, the following information:

- Technical support account (cash transit account), standard 1360

- Default VAT rate account

- Default payment method account

Your tax advisor should definitely have all of these details.

  • Next, add an existing account (created above in the Accounts section) for Technical support account, Default VAT rate account, and Default payment method account by clicking Add Account:

DATEV Export - photo 02
DATEV Export - photo 03

2) Assign accounts

You can assign accounts for VAT rates, payment methods, categories, and products.

VAT rates

  • Navigate to Settings > Company, scroll down to the "VAT" section, and assign accounts to rates.

DATEV Export - photo 04

Payment methods

  • Navigate to Settings > Payments, scroll down to the "VAT" section and assign accounts to the payment types.

DATEV Export - photo 05


  • Navigate to Products, select a category and click "Edit Category".

DATEV Export - photo 06

Under section "Details", you can add an account.

DATEV Export - photo 07


  • Navigate to Products, select a product and click on "Edit Product".

DATEV Export - photo 08

Under section "Details", you can assign an account to the product.

DATEV Export - photo 09

3) DATEV export

Navigate to the "Overview" tab. On the top right select the correct period, click on "Export" and select "Export as DATEV".

The data will be sent in CSV format to the email address specified in Settings -> Account -> Account information.

DATEV Export - photo 10

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