Export daily report / turnover

Here you can see how to export Paymash daily report / turnover.

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  • Navigate to Overview > Statistics

  • Set the desired time span

    Export daily report / turnover - photo 01

    Tip: The date can also be changed in the search bar.

    Export daily report / turnover - photo 02


    Usually statistics from the current week are displayed:

    For example, if you want to see everything about May 26, 2021, you need to change the link a bit to:


  • Select the day / month and click on "Export"

  • Decide on the format (PDF or XLS) and export the report

    Important! If you want to see all products, categories, payment types, etc. in the PDF export, uncheck "Only the first 6 entries".

Export daily report / turnover - photo 03

If your report does not appear in a new window, it may be because pop-up windows are blocked in your browser.

Here's how to block or allow pop-up windows:

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