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Set up QR Invoice with Paymash
Set up QR Invoice with Paymash

How can I use QR Invoice as a means of invoicing?

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National payment transactions in Switzerland have been expanded and digitized with the switch to QR billing. This means that as of this date, companies can use the QR-bill as a means of invoicing.

What is a QR Invoice?

The QR invoice is an invoice with an attached payment section and receipt. The QR code contains the payment information. The QR invoice will replace the red and orange payment slips in the long term.

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How to set up the QR Invoice with Paymash

  1. Log in to your admin-area and go to the settings.

  2. Click on "Payments" in the menu and scroll down to "Bank account details".

  3. Now you can enter the QR-IBAN you received from your banking institution.

  4. Complete the BESR - Number. Simply write 0 six times in the provided field.

Important: The QR Invoice will not work with a conventional IBAN number. Therefore, contact your bank to get a QR-IBAN assigned to you. As soon as you have entered your QR-IBAN at Paymash (instead of the current IBAN), the QR-Code invoice will work. You can test it with your mobile banking app, no matter which bank you are with.

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