The integration between Paymash and KassenSichV is already there.

The technical security device (TSE) is responsible for recording the individual records in such a way that no manipulation is possible afterwards. According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, a physical identity of security module and storage medium is not required. This means that the TSE can be fulfilled with cloud storage.

Since Paymash offers a cloud-based solution, both invoices and cash receipts are provided with QR codes. This code summarises all relevant information for the tax audit to check the receipt for correctness.

Important: QR codes for receipts work with the new Paymash app update 1.2.33.

One can activate the TSE as follows:

1) Order the TSE enrolment and certificate generation directly through our sales team either by phone or email at

2) Once the order is confirmed, you need to activate the corresponding option in your Paymash account and your invoices will be e-signed afterwards. You can find it under Settings > Account under "Options" > KassenSichV.

Please make sure that your company name, company address and VAT number are correctly filled in under Settings > Company.

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