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  1. a) Power button b) FEED button c) Network LED d) Bluetooth LED e) Power LED

  2. Opening lever

  3. Paper exit

  4. Printer cover

  5. Back cover

  6. LAN port

  7. USB port (Type-B)

  8. USB port 2.4A (Type-A)

  9. USB port 0.5A (Type-A)

  10. Cash drawer port (DK)

  11. Power port

  12. Reset switch (Reset)

MCP21LB has the similar ports, indicators and buttons.

Requirements for correct Bluetooth connection:

power port (11) is occupied by the power cable

the LAN cable is not plugged into the LAN port (6)

the cash drawer cable is not in the LAN port (6)

mC-Print Utility app is installed on your iOS device

So, you have to reset communication settings or Bluetooth first to make sure that the printer has no other Bluetooth device in the pairing history.

Note: If the Bluetooth LED is on, then the printer is already connected to any iOS device.

Press and hold the power button (1a) for at least 1 second. The printer will turn off and the LED indicators should not light up.

Insert a pen with a fine tip into the small hole (12). While holding down the reset switch (12) on the back of the printer, press the power button (1a).

Keep the reset switch pressed until the network LED (1c) blinks green.

Press the FEED button (1b) once so that the Bluetooth LED (1d) is now blinking blue.

Press and hold the FEED key (1b) to perform the Bluetooth reset.

Wait until 3-4 information documents are printed and the printer is reset.

Make sure the printer is "ignored" and displayed under Other Devices in iOS Device Bluetooth Settings.

Now you can pair the printer with iOS device.

Bluetooth pairing

Find the printer under Other Devices in iOS Device Bluetooth Settings and set a connection.

Open mC-Print Utility app and find your printer there.

Print out Print Test. If you don't get any error messages, you can already pair the printer with the Paymash app.

Add the printer under Recognized Printers in Paymash, adjust checkout/kitchen receipt settings.

Now you can book a test purchase and see if the printer works correctly.

If the printer is not visible in the mC-Print utility or Paymash app:

Ignore the printer in iOS device Bluetooth settings.

Turn off iPad's Bluetooth.

Restart iPad.

Turn on iPads Bluetooth.

Try to connect the printer with mC-Print utility app. At the end, print Print Test to see that the printer is paired.

Now you can see the printer under Recognized Printers in Paymash, add, and adjust cash register/kitchen receipt settings.

You could also delete mC-Print Utility and Paymash App from iPad and download it again from App Store.

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